• Phukka everyday in any way

    "I love this Dukkah-style seaweed mix. We have it on all sorts of things - great with bread and oil, but also with fish and potatoes. Tastes sensational!"

  • Seaweed in Muesli -delicious

    "I can't get enough of this muesli, I am going to deplete their stocks at the rate I'm ordering. Best muesli, actually best breakfast cereal I've ever had. So delicious."

  • "Lovely quality skin cream. Feels great and makes my skin feel soft and smooth. After using this cream people have been commenting on how nice my skin looks. Will be telling all my friends."


  • Slimy Harvest

  • The remarkable power of Australian kelp

  • The seaweed scientist who survived being scalped

  • From 3D Printing And Wound Healing To Bioplastic And Faux-Cotton, Seaweed Just Keeps On Giving